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. The maximum effect of direct taxes is on

(1) Price of food

(2) Income

(3) Capital goods

(4) Consumer goods

. The maximum effect of direct taxes is on (1) Price of food (2) Income (3) Capital goods ..

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( 2 ) Income

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. The founder of the Bahmini Kingdom in the Deccan was (1) Nasir-ud-din Shah (2) Muhammad Shah (3) Bahman Shah (4) Ahmed Shah

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if any one have the previous question papers for the post of AEE in I & CAD in Instrumentation Engg branch

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The western education was introduced in India by (a) Lord Bentinick (b) Lord Curzan (c) Lord Wellesly (d) Lord Hastings

4 Answers  

. As a result of subsidiary system (1) Native rulers became dependents (2) Native rulers became independent (3) Influence of East India company in many areas decreased (4) Influence of France in many areas increased

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Which of the following will fall at a faster speed in vacuum? (1) A piece of wood (2) A ball of iron (3) A football (4) None will fall

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Under the new economic environment the Indian economy is characterized as a/an (1) Developing economy (2) Backward economy (3) Developed economy (4) Underdeveloped economy

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Dravidians are represented by: (a) The Andhras (b) The Tamilians (c) The Kanadians and the Malayalis (d) All the above

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. The Ex-Officio Chairman of the Planning Commission of India is : (1) The President (2) The Planning Minister (3) The Prime Minister (4) None

6 Answers   Ericsson,

from where i can get appsc group ii revised syllabus (eng med) material at the earliest

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Who married the daughter of Rudradaman? (a) Satakarni (b) Pulamai (c) Hala (d) Yagnasri

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. Whose decisive defeat in battle gave Babur a firm foothold in India for the first time in 1526 AD ? (1) Ibrahim Lodhi (2) Mahmud Lodhi (3) Rana Sanga (4) Sher Shah

1 Answers   Indian Railways,

To an astronaut, how does the outer space appear?” (1) White (2) Black (3) Deep blue (4) Crimson

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