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. Who wrote the noval ‘Mala Palli” ?

(1) Guruzada Appa Rao

(2) Unnava Lakshminarayana

(3) Veeresalingam

(4) Pattabhi

. Who wrote the noval ‘Mala Palli” ? (1) Guruzada Appa Rao (2) Unnava Lakshminarayana (..

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( 2 ) Unnava Lakshminarayana

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where i can get automobile model papers for polytechnic lecturer post if any on e help me for finding out, time is very little

1 Answers  

. Founder of Kakatiya dynasty was (1) Rudrama Devi (2) Gundyana (3) Polaraja II (4) None

2 Answers  

Where was the Third Ministerial Conference of the WTO held ? (1) Davos (2) New york (3) Seattle (4) Tokyo

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. Capital formation does not consist of : (1) Saving by the Community (2) Mobilization of savings of the country (3) Investment (4) Higher standard of living

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. The oldest veda is (1) Atharuaveda (2) Rigveda (3) Samaveda (4) Yajurveda

10 Answers   Indian Army, Sail,

Andhra Pradesh was formed on: (a) November 1st 1956 (b) 1st October 1953 (c) August 15th 1947 (d) 26th January 1952

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The Home Rule League of Annie Besant was founded in 1916 at (1) Bombay (2) Calcutta (3) Madras (4) Delhi

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The founder of the Bahmani kingdom was (a) Allauddin (b) Ahamud Shah (c) Allauddin Hasan (d) Allauddin Hasan Bahman Shah

2 Answers  

The Eastern Chalukyan king who patronized Nannayabhattu was (a) Ammaraja (b) Bhima II (c) Rajaraja (d) Vijayaditya

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. The Chief Justice of the High Court is appointed by (1) The President (2) The Governor (3) The Prime Minister (4) None

2 Answers  

what is the expected cutoff marks for APPSC GROUP4 in warangal? and how many posts vacant for group4. I got 208 marks in Group4 final key...if include cancelled questions i'm getting 215 MALE there any chance getting job..?

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The last of the Chinese-inhabited territories yet to be untied with the People’s Republic of China is (1) Hong Kong (2) Macao (3) Taiwan (4) Sinkiang

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