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. Under what heading does the salaries of government
servants come in the budget?

(1) Capital expenditure

(2) Plan expenditure

(3) Current expenditure

(4) None of the above

. Under what heading does the salaries of government servants come in the budget? (1) Capital ex..

Answer / guest

( 3 ) Current expenditure

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Founder of the dynasty of the Eastern Chalukyas of Vengi : (a) Vimala Diya (b) Chalukya Bhima (c) Kubja Vishnuvardhana (d) None

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What is the unit of force? (1) Kg (2) lb (3) m (4) N

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Charminar was built during the period of: (a) Quli Qutb Mulk (b) Abdul Hasana (c) Abdulla Qutb Shah (d) Md. Quli Qutb Shah

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. Small industries are encouraged because (1) There is a large employment potential (2) Quality of goods produced is high (3) Cost of production is low (4) Initial capital investment is low

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Hello Every one, I have started to prepare for group1 exam, but I just needed a clarification; Can i clear group 2 with the help of group1's preparation? Please help.

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. The first Muslim king of India, who paid special attention to administration was (1) Babar (2) Akbar (3) Shahjahan (4) Sher Shah Suri

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Where was the 12th International Children’s Film Festival inaugurated on 14th November, 2001? (1) Hyderabad (2) Chennai (3) Mumbai (4) Bangalore

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Doldrums is (1) Low pressure belt (2) High pressure belt (3) No pressure belt (4) Cyclonic belt

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hi whats the exact time of group1 exam ?

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hi friends.will you pls tell me about group2 coaching centres in hyderabad.near by ameerpet.

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According to the Constitution of India, the freedom to form association may be restricted in the interest of (1) The security of India (2) Friendly relations with foreign countries (3) Contempt of court (4) Public order

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Indian citizens need a passport to visit (1) Bhutan (2) Nepal (3) Sikkim (4) Sri Lanka

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