. Mohammad Tughlaq transferred his capital from Delhi to

(1) Agra

(2) Ujjain

(3) Deogiri

(4) Gulbarga

. Mohammad Tughlaq transferred his capital from Delhi to (1) Agra (2) Ujjain (3) Deogiri ..

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( 3 ) Deogiri

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. The measure that cannot reduce the impact of poverty direct is: (1) Government subsides (2) Increase in production (3) Population control (4) Equitable distribution

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. The famous Peacock throne of Shahjahan was taken to Iran by (1) Nadir Shah (2) Ahmad Shah Abdali (3) Taimur (4) Changez Khan

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I heared group2 exam will be postponed from 15 and 16th of Oct. Could any one tell me the exam date exactly. Please help me.

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