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. The trade between India and the East European countries is
described as :

(1) Free trade

(2) Rouble trade

(3) Rupee trade

(4) None

. The trade between India and the East European countries is described as : (1) Free trade (2..

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( 4 ) None

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. Insolation heats up land masses more quickly than the water bodies because (1) Water is liquid (2) Landmasses are solid (3) Water needs more energy to warm (4) Rocks are bad conductors of heat

2 Answers  

The author of the Vandemataram Song was (a) Prem Chand (b) Bankin Chandra Chatterjee (c) Surendranath Chatterjee (d) Rabindranth Tagore

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. The first maratha war was fought during the period of Lord (1) Clive (2) Warren hastings (3) Corn Wallis (4) Amherst

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The first Andhra person who was invited to attend the first round table conference in London: (a) Macherla Ramachandra Rao (b) T. Prakasam (c) Venkataratnam Naidu (d) None

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. Name of the shipyard situated on the Konkan coast? (1) Cochin (2) Kandla (3) Mazagon (4) Visakhapatnam

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Which National Highway (NH) connects Agra and Mumbai? (1) NH1 (2) NH 7 (3) NH 3 (4) NH 5

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. Which of the following cannot be the reason to declare Financial Emergency? (1) Threat to financial stability of India (2) Threat to the credit of India (3) Drain of foreign exchange by smuggling unauthorised trading act (4) None

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Hi All, This is Suri. I am one of Govt Job Aspirant. I am going to write DAO(divisional accounts officer), can u plz provide me the material(suggest me some links) and Exam dates. Thanks in advance, suri.

3 Answers   APTransco,

Rigvedic Aryans used to worship: (a) Nature (b) Pasupati (c) Lady (d) Suryadeva

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. The major source of revenue in India is through (1) Direct taxes (2) Indirect taxes (3) Deficit financing (4) International borrowings

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. The highest percentage of irrigation is enjoyed by Punjab. The lowest percentage of irrigation is in (1) Bihar (2) Tamil Nadu (3) Gujarat (4) A.P.

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Who was the first martyr from Andhra Pradesh? (a) B. Satyanarayana (b) Koteswar Rao (c) Guruzada (d) Dandu Narayana Raju

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