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. Who among the following can suspend the Fundamental rights

(1) The Prime Minister

(2) The President

(3) The Parliament

(4) The Supreme Court

. Who among the following can suspend the Fundamental rights (1) The Prime Minister (2) The Pr..

Answer / guest

( 2 ) The President

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. Which of the following battles brought an end to the Vijay Nagar Empire (1) Battle of Panipat (2) Battle of Tarain (3) Battle of Talikota (4) Battle of Khurda

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Which of the following states has the maximum population below the poverty line? (1) Bihar (2) Orissa (3) Uttar Pradesh (4) Madhya Pradesh

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Which of the following diseases is not caused by bacteria? (1) Diphtheria (2) Pneumonia (3) Tuberculosis (4) Ringworm

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Founder of Kakatiya dynasty: (a) Prola Raju (b) Beta Raju (c) Gundyana (d) Rudradeva

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hello iam neeha.i want to appear for APPSC-Industrial Promotion officer post(2012) it is my 1st attempt in govt exam.i have completed engineering. paper I G.S--how to prepare? is tata mcgraw hill gs manual book enough? and for paper-II ->diploma level applied sciences(maths,phy,chem) means ...what material i should refer & how to prepare...iam worried abt paper-II first! got only 4 months left for the exam!!!

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Hi all, I knew the syllabus for APPSC Group-2 exam, but i dont know from which class to which class i need to refer the books to cover the entire syllabus. can any body help on this. Thanks, -Babu

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First C.M. of Andhra Pradesh ? (a) N. Sanjiva Reddy (b) Trivedi (c) B. Rama Krishna Rao (d) D. Sanjeevayya

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The Andhra kings who followed human Scarified were (a) Salankayanas (b) Ikshvakus (c) Vishnukundins (d) Ananda gotrins

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Hi I would like to prepare for groupii.can anybody send syllabus,material and previous papers to..please send.... my mail-id,

1 Answers   APSPSC,

The cantos in Ramayana are called: (a) Kandas (b) Parvas (c) Asrams (d) None

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The greatest of the pallava rulers was (a) Narasimha varma-I (b) Narasimha varma-II (c) Rajasimha (d) Mahendravarma

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Who was responsible for putting an end to tyrannical ruled of Md-Bin-Tughlaq in the Deccan? (a) Prolaya Vema Reddy (b) Prolaya Nayaka (c) Pratapa Rudra (d) Rudrama Devi

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