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. The General Elections to the Lok Sabha are conducted by

(1) The President of India

(2) The Prime Minister

(3) The Chief Election Commissioner

(4) The Central Government

. The General Elections to the Lok Sabha are conducted by (1) The President of India (2) The P..

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( 3 ) The Chief Election Commissioner

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. National Highways are under the control of (1) State Government (2) Central Government (3) Both 1 & 2 (4) None

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Where i can get APPSC AEE's (I&CAD) Civil Engineering Previous Question papers?

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. The results of rising prices are A. Decrease in economic activities B. Adverse effect on balance of payment C. Increase of inequalities (1) All the above (2) None of the above (3) A & B only (4) B & C only

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Errapreggada was the court poet of (a) Anavema Reddi (b) Allada Reddi (c) Prolaya Vema Reddi (d) Anavota Reddi

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i am swathi i have cleared the amvi written exam and i have recently got the LMV licence and i dont have experience IN LMV but i have 3 yrs experience in two i eligible for this post.can anybody plz inform me as early as possible bcoz i have certificates verification on 27 of dis month

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The author of ‘Gabbilam’ : (a) Boyi Bhimanna (b) Jashua (c) Chilakamarthi (d) Guruzada

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. What percentage of petroleum consumption in India is supplied from within the country? (1) 70 (2) 30 (3) 60 (4) 90

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. The Rajputs were defeated against Muslims because (1) The Muslim invaders had superior arms (2) The Muslim invaders were in greater numbers (3) The Rajputs were divided among themselves (4) The Rajputs were not as brave as the Muslim invaders were

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. The supreme commander of defence force in India is the (1) The Prime Minister (2) The President (3) The Defence minister (4) Speaker of the Lok Sabha

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A person to be qualified to contest in Panchayat elections must have attained the age of (1) 21 years (2) 18 years (3) 25 years (4) 30 years

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. Which three of the following regions are regarded as areas of high density of population? (1) 1. East Asia 2. Central and Southern Europe 3. Tropical deserts (2) 1. East Asia 2. Southern Asia 3. North Western Europe (3) 1. Amazon and Congo basins and Indonesia 2. European Russia 3. Central and Southern Europe (4) 1. Amazon and Congo basins and Indonesia 2. South East Asia 3. European Russia

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. The most important Rabi crop is (1) Rice (2) Bareley (3) Jute (4) Wheat

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