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. On India, mandamus will lie against

(1) Officers bound to do a public duty

(2) Government

(3) Both officers and the Government

(4) None

. On India, mandamus will lie against (1) Officers bound to do a public duty (2) Government ..

Answer / guest

( 3 ) Both officers and the Government

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. Who is regarded as the real founder of the British Empire in India? (1) Clive (2) Warren Hastings (3) Dalhousie (4) Wellesley

1 Answers  

. The states Reorganisation Act was passed in the year (1) 1947 (2) 1952 (3) 1956 (4) 1960

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. Large number of fish are found on the western coast of the deserts in the tropical region this is because (1) The hot-dry climate is more suitable for fish (2) Up-welling of cold waters from the bottom of the sea provide abundant food for fish (3) Fish in large numbers come up from the sea bottom (4) Clear sunshine attracts fish in large numbers

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The founder of English daily Swarajya was: (a) Dr. Pattabhi (b) T. Prakasam (c) Anandacharlu (d) K. Venkatappaiah

2 Answers  

. The salary of the Chief Justice of India (1) Rs. 33,000 (2) Rs. 30,000 (3) Rs. 40,000 (4) Rs. 36,000

5 Answers   JNU, SSC, TATA,


1 Answers   CTS,

Who was responsible for the Cultural revival in Telangana? (a) Kommarraju Lakshmana Rao (b) Solarjung (c) Rangaiah Naidu (d) Hanumantha Rao

2 Answers  

Sankaracharya founded (a) Advaita Vedanta (b) Visistadvaita (c) Vyshnavism (d) None

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. Pulkesin II was contemporary of (1) Ashoka (2) Samudra Gupta (3) Harsha (4) Prithviraj Chouhan

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. National Development Council is mainly concerned with : (1) Approval of 5 year plans (2) Implementation of Integrated Rural Development programmes (3) Implementation of Community Development Programmes (4) Approval implementation and assessment of all major development projects in India

4 Answers   NDA,

. National Defence Academy is established at (1) Dehradun (2) Kadakvasla (3) New Delhi (4) Jabalpur

8 Answers  

Who won the Nobel Prize for Economics for the year 1999? (1) Daniel T. Tsui (2) Robert Mundell (3) Robert B. Laughlin (4) Amartya Sen

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