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. When there is President Rule in a State, is the Assembly
necessary dissolved?

(1) Yes

(2) No

. When there is President Rule in a State, is the Assembly necessary dissolved? (1) Yes (2) N..

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( 2 ) No

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. Wood pulp used in the manufacture of (1) Rayon (2) Paper (3) Nylon (4) None of the above

1 Answers  

Which one of the following is a sedentary animal? (1) Cobra (2) Cow (3) Horse (4) Sponge

6 Answers  

In every veda there are ……… divisions (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5

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The Class XI NCERT history text book Medieval India has been in controversy for carrying against a Sikh Guru. Who is the author of the book? (1) Satish Chandra (2) S. Gopal (3) K.N. Panicker (4) Romila Thapar

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Who was connected with kakinada bomb case? (a) Bhayanakara Venkatachari (b) Bapi Raju (c) B. Satyanarayana (d) All the above

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The Andhra Pradesh Government’s Aapadbandhu Scheme is (1) An accident insurance scheme for the people below the poverty line (2) A welfare programme for the physically handicapped (3) A security scheme for the girl child (4) A scheme for urban unemployed youth

1 Answers   Satyam,

Who was known as ‘Kavivatsala’ in Satavahanas: (a) Hala (b) Gautamiputra Yajnasri (c) Satakarni II (d) Krishna

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The son of Jagirdar who rose to the position of Delhi emperor was (a) Akbar (b) Ibrahim Lodi (c) Shersha (d) Humayun

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The real political awakening in Andhra was started due to the influence of (a) Home rule movement (b) Foundation of the National movement (c) Vandemataram movement (d) All the above

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. The place in India receiving the lowest rainfall is (1) Jaisalmer (2) Leh (3) Bikaner (4) Jodhpur

17 Answers   APPSC, BEd, BSNL, Genpact, Ignou, LEH, Postal Assistant Exam,

Who of the following was conferred the 1999 Dada Saheb Phalke Award? (1) Girish Karnad (2) Prem Shankar (3) B.R. Chopra (4) Bhanumati

2 Answers  

The gas used in fire extinguishers is (1) Carbon monoxide (2) Carbon dioxide (3) Hydrogen (4) Sulphur dioxide

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