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. The planet with the shortest year is

(1) Mars

(2) Earth

(3) Pluto

(4) Mercury

. The planet with the shortest year is (1) Mars (2) Earth (3) Pluto (4) Mercury..

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( 4 ) Mercury

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First time Prataparudra was defeated by: (a) Md. Bin Tughlaq (b) Malik Kafur (c) Allauddin Khilji (d) None

1 Answers  

Sir, I am writting Assistant statistical officer exam and i need eligibilty criteria.Actually i have done my graduation in,i want needful information.

0 Answers   UPPSC Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission,

The ISRO launched 3 multiple satellites by PSLV-C3 on October 22, 2001. Which of the following is not one of the three satellites? (1) Technology Experiment Satellite (TES) (2) Bispectral and Infra-red Remote Detection (BIRD) (3) Satellite Information Taxi (SIT) (4) Project for On Board Autonomy (PROBA)

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Who was shot dead during the forest Satyagraha? (a) Unnava Laxminarayana (b) Vedantam Narasimhachari (c) Kanneganti Hanumanthu (d) None

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. The National bird of India is (1) Peacock (2) Parrot (3) Pegeon (4) Duck

2 Answers  

The period between the years 1858 to 1885 is regarded as the (a) The era of broken pledges (b) Era of prosperity and peace (c) The era of unprecedented improvement (d) All the above

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Shifting cultivation is still prevalent in (1) Kerala (2) Assam (3) Uttar Pradesh (4) Goa

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Who, among the following, was elected President of the Indian National Congress at the Surat Session in 1907? (1) Bala Gangadhar Tilak (2) Bipin Chandra Pa (3) Gopala Krishna Gokhale (4) Rash Bihari Bose

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. The First Viceroy in India was (1) Lord Warren Hastings (2) Lord William Bentinck (3) Lord Liunlithgow (4) Lord Canning

19 Answers   IAS, State Bank Of India SBI, TCS,

Din-I-Ilahi wag (1) An idea (2) Akbar’s religion (3) A mosque (4) Aurangzeb’s policy

2 Answers  

The World Press Freedom Day is observed on (1) May 3 (2) February 3 (3) April 15 (4) May 15

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. Wollen Textiles are mostly concentrated in (1) Punjab (2) Kerala (3) W.Bengal (4) A.P.

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