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. Khetri, Kudremukh and Jharia are associated with

(1) Copper, Iron ore and Coal

(2) Copper, Coal and Iron ore

(3) Coal, Iron ore and Coal

(4) Iron ore, Copper and Coal

. Khetri, Kudremukh and Jharia are associated with (1) Copper, Iron ore and Coal (2) Copper, C..

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( 1 ) Copper, Iron ore and Coal

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. Changes in the standard of living in a country are best reflected in changes in (1) Gross National production at current prices (2) Per capita income at current prices (3) National income at current prices (4) Per capita income at consistent prices

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The domenent Religion in Kakatiyas period: (a) Jainism (b) Saivism (c) Vishnavism (d) Buddism

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Founder of Kakatiya dynasty was: (a) Rudrama Devi (b) Gundyana (c) Polaraja II (d) None

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hi friends can any one please send me some previous exam papers of dao n tell me the the date of exam,my id is

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Gandhara art was patranised by (a) Srimukha (b) Hala (c) Kanishka (d) Pulomavi

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The patron of the celebrated Telugu poet, Srinadha: (a) Prolaya Vema Reddy (b) Peda Komati Vema Reddy (c) Rachavema Reddy (d) Sri Krishnadeva Raya

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Hi all, I knew the syllabus for APPSC Group-2 exam, but i dont know from which class to which class i need to refer the books to cover the entire syllabus. can any body help on this. Thanks, -Babu

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. Hundred-rupee note is issued by (1) The State Bank of India (2) The Reserve Bank of India (3) The Ministry of Finance (4) None

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. Which industry gives maximum employment? (1) Cotton (2) Steel and iron (3) Sugar (4) Tea

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. Who wrote the noval ‘Mala Palli” ? (1) Guruzada Appa Rao (2) Unnava Lakshminarayana (3) Veeresalingam (4) Pattabhi

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Who suppressed the Poligars of Rayalaseema (a) Sir Thomas Munro (b) Philip Francis (c) James Munro (d) James Reed

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sir am writing aso(assistant statistical officer) exam first time, so please send me privious papers, and syllabus. my mail id is

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