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. Name of the shipyard situated on the Konkan coast?

(1) Cochin

(2) Kandla

(3) Mazagon

(4) Visakhapatnam

. Name of the shipyard situated on the Konkan coast? (1) Cochin (2) Kandla (3) Mazagon (..

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( 3 ) Mazagon

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. Last ruler of Lodi dynasty was (1) Bahlol Lodi (2) Ibrahim Lodi (3) Sikamdar Lodi (4) None

4 Answers  

Who among the following offered maximum resistance to the British? (1) Mughals (2) Marathas (3) Rajputs (4) Sikhs

5 Answers   ACT, HPSSSB,

can any one tell me how to prepare for polytechnic lecturers interview for physics-2013

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Who of the following is presently the Vice-Chairman of the Indian Red Cross Society and was elected on 9th November, 2001 as the Vice-President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Geneva? (1) Medha Patkar (2) Jaya Jaitley (3) Murali S. Deora (4) Menaka Gandhi

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Satavahana dynasty was founded by: (a) Hala (b) Satakarni (c) Yagnasri (d) Srimukha

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. The President of the Constituent Assembly was (1) Dr. K.M. Munshi (2) Dr. Rajendra Prasad (3) Dr. Ambedkar (4) Jawaharlal Nehru

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. The ore of aluminium is (1) Haematite (2) Laterite (3) Bauxite (4) All the above

2 Answers  

. The total number of writs by which protection of fundamental rights are ensured is (1) 3 (2) 4 (3) 5 (4) 6

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The play “Varavikrayam” was written by: (a) Chilakamarthi (b) Garimella Satyanarayana (c) Kallakuri Narayana Rao (d) Guruzada

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The Chirala-perala struggle took place in: (a) March 1921 (b) June 1924 (c) April 1926 (d) November 1925

1 Answers   ICICI,

While making the Indian constitution, the idea of the Concurrent List was borrowed from (1) The Canadian Constitution (2) The Constitution of Australia (3) The Constitution of Ireland (4) The Constitution of Weimar Germany

5 Answers  

The qualification for appointment as a judge of the Supreme Court is (1) 5 years as a judge of High Court or 10 years as an advocate in a High Court (2) 5 years as an advocate in High Court (3) 10 years as an advocate in the Supreme Court (4) A Ph.D. Degree in the discipline of Law

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