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. Which of the following is the world famous mineral region
of India?

(1) Shillong Plateau

(2) Malwa Plateau

(3) Chhotanagpur Plateau

(4) Deccan Plateau

. Which of the following is the world famous mineral region of India? (1) Shillong Plateau (2..

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( 3 ) Chhotanagpur Plateau

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Which of the following agencies does not finance local bodies for infrastructurtal development? (1) LIC (2) HUDCO (3) CRISIL (4) ILFS

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English Company started first textile factory at: (a) Colicut (b) Machilipatnam (c) Surat (d) Golconda

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. The Attorney General of India is appointed by the (1) Chief Justice of India (2) The President (3) The Vice-President (4) The Prime Minister

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Muzaffar Jang was murdered at (a) Kurnool (b) Rayachoti (c) Adoni (d) Cuddapah

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Sankaracharya founded (a) Advaita Vedanta (b) Visistadvaita (c) Vyshnavism (d) None

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The residuary powers of legislation in the case of Jammu and Kashmir belong to (1) The Parliament (2) The Governor (3) The State Legislature (4) Both the Parliament and the Governor

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In which congress session the resolution for Poorna Swaraj was passed? (a) Lahore (b) Madras (c) Karachi (d) Tripura

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. Into how many physiographic divisions can India be divided at the macro level? (1) 2 (2) 3 (3) 5 (4) 7

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Who helped Harihara and Bukka in founding the new kingdom: (a) Sankaracharya (b) Srinadha (c) Narsimharaya (d) Vidyaranaya Swamy

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. Regional rural banks started functioning in India in: (1) 1970 (2) 1971 (3) 1973 (4) 1975

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. The territorial waters of India extended into sea upto (1) 100 nautical miles (2) 12 nautical miles (3) 10 nautical miles (4) 15 nautical miles

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Sree Bhag agreement deals with (a) Ensuring rapid development of Rayalaseema as per with costal districts (b) Establishing a separate University center in Rayalaseema area (c) None of these (d) A & B

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