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. Nehruvian Planning emphasized :

(1) Agriculture through modern technology

(2) Science and technology

(3) Heavy and core industries

(4) Small-scale industries

. Nehruvian Planning emphasized : (1) Agriculture through modern technology (2) Science and te..

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( 3 ) Heavy and core industries

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. Which party was in power in U.K. when India became independent (1) Conservative (2) Labour (3) Liberal (4) None

1 Answers   Uflex,

. Koyna project was constructed across the river (1) Koyna (2) Mahanadi (3) Narmada (4) Tapati

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Who of the following was the foreign minister of the Taliban and was increasingly in the news recently? (1) Ahmad Shah Masood (2) Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil (3) Mohammad Hassan Akhund (4) Mullah Mohammad Omar

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. Which of the following weapons of war are conspicuous by their absence in the archaeological finds of the Indus Valley Civilisation? (1) Swords (2) Spears (3) Daggers (4) Axes

1 Answers   ACC,

. Which period of the Five Year Plan is called ‘Plan Holiday’? (1) 1971-74 (2) 1962-65 (3) 1966-69 (4) None of the above

6 Answers   Kerala Public Service Commission,

. Who commissioned the writing of the famous Shahnama ? (1) Mahmud Gaznavi (2) Mohammad Ghori (3) Mohammad-bin Qasim (4) Ala-ud-din Khilji

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. Which one is not the function of the Parliament ? (1) To make laws of the need arise (2) To pass bills (3) To recommend the appointment of Governors (4) To impeach judges

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Hi I was born on 11-11-1978. I belong to open category. Can anyone please let me know if I am eligible to attend Group 2 exam in 2012.

1 Answers  

hai this is Prasad am from Osmania University Campus am preparing for JL in English r there any previous papaers plz forward to my mail ID

0 Answers   APPSC,

. The bone of contention between the Shah of Persia and the Mughals, was the control of (1) Kunduz (2) Ghazni (3) Kandhar (4) Kabul

1 Answers   RRB, RRC Railway Recruitment Cell,

Who were the two faithfull supporters of Alluri Seetharama Raju? (a) Gama Mallu Dora (b) Gama Gantam Dora (c) Both A & B (d) None

2 Answers  

. The theory of basic structure of constitution was propounded by Supreme Court in (1) Golak Nath case (2) Gopalan verses state of Madras (3) Keshavananda Bharati case (4) None of these

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