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. The land of midnight Sun is

(1) Holland

(2) Ireland

(3) Norway

(4) Iceland

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. The land of midnight Sun is (1) Holland (2) Ireland (3) Norway (4) Iceland..

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( 3 ) Norway

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. The land of midnight Sun is (1) Holland (2) Ireland (3) Norway (4) Iceland..

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. Black soil is most suitable for the cultivation of (1) Paddy (2) Maize (3) Cotton (4) None

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Who designed the tri-colour to Indian National flag: (a) Tangtoori Prakasham (b) K. Venkatappaiah (c) Pingali Venkaiah (d) Rabindranath Tagore

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Ibrahim Qutub Patronised the following (a) Ponneganti Telagadhara Kavi (b) Addanki Gangadhra Kavi (c) Gopanna Kavi (d) A & B

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The ‘TRYSEM’ programme deals with (1) Training of young scientists for employment (2) Training of rural youth for self employment (3) Training of young students for employment (4) Training of SC and ST youth for self reliance

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. Whose government is famous for its elaborate municipal, administration? (1) Chandragupta Maurya (2) Chandragupta Vikramaditya (3) Harshavardhana (4) Kanishka

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in which type of rock are coal and petroleum found

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. Which characteristics of Indian economy made it under developed? A. Per capita income low B. High percentage of food in consumption expenditure C. Preponderance of agriculture (1) A only (2) A and C only (3) A, B and C (4) None of the above

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. The line joining places which have the same height above mean sea level is callea (1) Isobar (2) Isohaline (3) Isohyte (4) Contour

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. The signatories to Panchasheel declaration were (1) India and Burma (2) India and Pakistan (3) India and China (4) India and Russia

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A constitutional functionary in India who can take part in the proceedings of either House of the Parliament is (1) The Chief Election Commissioner (2) The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (3) The Vice President of India (4) The Attorney General of India

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In which year the Khiljis invaded the Kakatiya kingdom for the first time? (a) 1302 A.D. (b) 1303 A.D. (c) 1304 A.D. (d) 1305 A.D.

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The Reddi king who built Steps to facilitate the scent to the great shrine of God Mallikarjuna of SriSailam and God Narasimhaswami on the Ahobalagiri was (a) Anavema Reddi (b) Kumaragiri Reddi (c) Allada Reddi (d) Prolaya Vema Reddi

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