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. Green revolution is mostly successful in

(1) Ludhiana (Punjab)

(2) Tamilnadu

(3) Maharashtra

(4) A.P.

. Green revolution is mostly successful in (1) Ludhiana (Punjab) (2) Tamilnadu (3) Maharash..

Answer / guest

( 1 ) Ludhiana (Punjab)

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The Surya Siddhanta is written by (a) Varahamihira (b) Aryabhata (c) Visakhadatta (d) Vishnusarma

4 Answers   McDonalds,

A well-known Indian diplomat and statesman, Mr. B.K. Nehru died recently. Which of the following is not true about him? (1) He wrote a book titled “Nice Guys Finish Second” (2) He served as the Indian Ambassador to the USA (3) He was an ICS cadre officer and not in the foreign service cadre (4) He was the younger brother of Motilal Nehru

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Who translated Maxim Gorky’s ‘Mother’ in Telugu ? (a) T. Gopichand (b) Sri Sri (c) Guruzada Appa Rao (d) K. Linga Raju

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. Who was the first Muslim ruler who imposed Jaziya on Brahmans? (1) Firoz Shah (2) Iltutmish (3) Ala-ud-din (4) Balban

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Which element is added to copper to form brass? (1) Iron (2) Manganese (3) Tin (4) Zinc

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Who of the following ministers of the Nizam of Hyderabad was a lover of art and literature? (1) Mir Alam (2) Muneer-ul-Mulk (3) Salarjung-I (4) Salarjung-III

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. The resolution to remove the Vice-President of India can originate in (1) Lok Sabha only (2) Rajya Sabha only (3) Any of the House (4) None of these

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Who conquered Vengi by defeating the Pallavas? (a) Pulakesi II (b) Pulakesi I (c) Kubja Vishnu Vardhan (d) None

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. Who was hanged to death for throwing bomb in the Central Assembly in Delhi (1) Jatin Das (2) Bhagat Singh (3) Joglekar (4) None

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In Palanati battle Kakatiyas helped to: (a) Malideva (b) Nalagama (c) Brahmanaidu (d) None

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Which of the following diseases is not caused by bacteria? (1) Diphtheria (2) Pneumonia (3) Tuberculosis (4) Ringworm

8 Answers   CSSC, Kolkata Police,

With which of the following games is Tiger Woods associated? (1) Snooker (2) Golf (3) Chess (4) Baseball

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