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. Electrification of Railways is already completed from

(1) Howrah to Kanpur

(2) Rourkela to Birmitrapur in Orissa

(3) Howrah to Jamshadpur

(4) All the above

. Electrification of Railways is already completed from (1) Howrah to Kanpur (2) Rourkela to B..

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( 4 ) All the above

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. The food chain involves the flow of energy in the form of food from (1) Lower to higher level (2) Higher to lower level (3) Lower to middle level (4) Middle to lower level

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. First important ruler of Gupta dynasty was (1) Chandra Gupta Vikramaditya (2) Chandra Gupta II (3) Rama Gupta (4) Kumar Gupta

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where can v get group II material in english, is it posssible 2 prepare 4 this exam in english.

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group4 exam deatils?

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Hi, I am preparing for Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector (AMVI) exam.If any body having old question papers please send.My mail id is

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. Who finally approves the draft Five Year Plans? (1) Parliament and State Legislature (2) National Development Council (3) Planning Commission (4) The President

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. Who built the Stupa at Sanchi? (1) Kanishka (2) Harshavardhana (3) Ashoka (4) Samudragupta

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how i would i get group 2 duplicate hallticket

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Who of the following former Presidents of India did not serve as Vice-President earlier? (1) Neelam Sanjiva Reddy (2) V.V. Giri (3) Zail Singh (4) R. Venkataraman

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. The Indus Valley people worshipped (1) Indra (2) Sun (3) Moon (4) Pashupati

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. Which union Territory has a Legislature Chief Minister and Ministers (1) Delhi (2) Pondicherry (3) Chandigarh (4) All the above

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. India is claimed to be home land of (1) Sugar cane (2) Wheat (3) Maize (4) Paddy

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