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. Ahmed Shah Abdali, one of Nadir Shah’s ablest Generals,
fought the Third Battle of Panipat in 1761 and defeated the

(1) Jats

(2) Marathas

(3) Rajputs

(4) Sikhs

. Ahmed Shah Abdali, one of Nadir Shah’s ablest Generals, fought the Third Battle of Panipat in 1..

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( 2 ) Marathas

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. The author of Shahnama was (1) Mohammad-bin-Qasim (2) Mohammad Ghazani (3) Firdausi (4) Alberuni

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The name ‘Andhra’ was mentioned for the first time in: (a) Aitereya Brahmana (1000 B.C.) (b) Rigveda (c) Titireya Brahmana (d) Andhravan Vada

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A well-known Indian diplomat and statesman, Mr. B.K. Nehru died recently. Which of the following is not true about him? (1) He wrote a book titled “Nice Guys Finish Second” (2) He served as the Indian Ambassador to the USA (3) He was an ICS cadre officer and not in the foreign service cadre (4) He was the younger brother of Motilal Nehru

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The Tenth Schedule of Indian Constitution contains provisions relating to (1) Distribution of legislative powers (2) Disqualification on the grounds of defection (3) Panchayati Raj (4) Languages

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. The greatest length of the international boundary line of India is shared by (1) China (2) Pakistan (3) Bangladesh (4) Nepal

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The mono-lithic temples of the pallavas are called (a) Gopuras (b) Shilpas (c) Rathas (d) None

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. India earns maximum foreign exchange by the export of : (1) tea (2) sugar (3) iron (4) jute

13 Answers   NHPC, TEA, WBCS West Bengal Civil Service,

The Home rule league was established by (a) Annie Besant (b) Vivekanand (c) Benarji (d) Balagangadhara Tilak

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. The provisions relating to the Supreme Court can be amended by (1) Simple majority (2) Two thirds majority (3) Two thirds majority and ratification by not less than half of the states (4) None of the above

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. Sudden decrease of birth rate would cause: (1) Increase in Savings (2) Increase in per capita income (3) Increase in investment (4) Increase in production

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. Which of the following is not a Tributary of the Krishna ? (1) Malaprabha (2) Tungabhadra (3) Amravati (4) Ghataprath

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The classical language which contributed to the cultural unity of India is: (a) Hindi (b) Pakruti (c) Pali (d) Sanskrit

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