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. Gita govinda was written by

(1) Magha

(2) Jaideva

(3) Sri Harsha

(4) Dandin

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. Gita govinda was written by (1) Magha (2) Jaideva (3) Sri Harsha (4) Dandin..

Answer / guest

( 2 ) Jaideva

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. Gita govinda was written by (1) Magha (2) Jaideva (3) Sri Harsha (4) Dandin..

Answer / ravindra


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. Changes in the standard of living in a country are best reflected in changes in (1) Gross National production at current prices (2) Per capita income at current prices (3) National income at current prices (4) Per capita income at consistent prices

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Please anybody send a good coaching center for DIVISINOL ACCOUNTING OFFICER in hyderabd..

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. The normal term of a Governor’s office is (1) 3 years (2) 4 years (3) 5 years (4) 6 years

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. What type of winds are the monsoons? (1) Periodic (2) Cyclonic (3) Constant (4) Anti-cyclonic

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Who of the following is presently the Vice-Chairman of the Indian Red Cross Society and was elected on 9th November, 2001 as the Vice-President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Geneva? (1) Medha Patkar (2) Jaya Jaitley (3) Murali S. Deora (4) Menaka Gandhi

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. Which states got the heaviest rainfall? (1) Bengal, Assam and West Coast (2) Rajasthan and Ladakh Plateau of Kashmir (3) Madhya Pradesh (4) None of the above

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Hi all, I knew the syllabus for APPSC Group-2 exam, but i dont know from which class to which class i need to refer the books to cover the entire syllabus. can any body help on this. Thanks, -Babu

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. The small kingdom in the Himalayas which is an Indian protectorate is (1) Sikkim (2) Bhutan (3) Nepal (4) Magnolia

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. Which of the following was the most important center of higher learning during the Mauryan period ? (1) Taxila (2) Sarnath (3) Vallabhi (4) Kanauj

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. Which of the Chola rulers occupied Laccadive and Maldive Islands? (1) Aditya I (2) Rajendra (3) Rajendra I (4) Vikrama

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The national leader who toured Andhra during Vandemataram movement : (a) Balagangadhar Tilak (b) Tagore (c) Bipin Chandrapal (d) Gandhi

2 Answers   CPF, NTSC,

Author of ‘Manucharitram’: (a) Tikkana (b) Peddana (c) Nandi Timmana (d) Tenali Ramakrishna

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