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. Which places are connected by the Grand Trunk Highway?

(1) Calcutta-Amritsar

(2) Calcutta-Mumbai

(3) Delhi-Mumbai

(4) Delhi-Chennai

. Which places are connected by the Grand Trunk Highway? (1) Calcutta-Amritsar (2) Calcutta-Mu..

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( 1 ) Calcutta-Amritsar

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. The publication of Kesari was started by (1) Bipin Chandrapal (2) Ishwar Chandra Vidhyasagar (3) Lala Lajapathi Rai (4) Lokamanya Tilak

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The Alahabad pillar inscription was composed by (a) Vikramaditya (b) Harisena (c) Samudragupta (d) Vishnugupta

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. During the period when the duration of daylight is 24 hours, at the North Pole, the angle of incidence of the Sun’s ray is : (1) 230 300 (2) 430 (3) 630 300 (4) 660 300

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The founder of the Qutub Shahi dynasty was (a) Muhammud Qutub (b) Quliqutub Shah (c) Muhammud Quli (d) Jamshed Quli

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Tobacco industry is mostly grown in : (a) Guntur (b) Kurnoor (c) East Godavari (d) None

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The Vijayanagara Paintings are found at (a) Srisailam (b) Lepakshi (c) Tirupati (d) Tadiparti

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. The traditional Chola country is situated near the modern city of (1) Hyderabad (2) Bangalore (3) Madras (4) Trivandrum

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. Which fundamental right cannot be suspended even during an emergency under article 352 of the constitution? (1) Right to equality (2) Right to constitutional remedies (3) Right to life and personal liberty (4) Right to freedom of speech and expression

3 Answers   ASD Lab,

What percentage of the total population of the world lives in Asia? (1) About 30% (2) About 45% (3) About 55% (4) About 65%

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. Most of the leather goods industries are located at (1) Kanpur, Calcutta and Madras (2) Agra (3) Hyderabad (4) Both 1 & 2

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