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. Shivaji’s ‘Ashta Pradhan’ was

(1) A religious council

(2) An assembly of elders

(3) A body of ministers

(4) A literary assembly

. Shivaji’s ‘Ashta Pradhan’ was (1) A religious council (2) An assembly of elders (3)..

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( 3 ) A body of ministers

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. Africa, rich in rersources, is a continent consisting of poor countries. This is because (1) It is impossible to develop its resources (2) The countries located in it are inhabited by poor people (3) The countries located in it are less developed in science and technology (4) People are habituated to live in poverty

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The first king who ruled Golkonda as an independent kingdom: (a) Quli-Qutb-Shah (b) Asabjah (c) Abul Hasani (d) Quli Qutbul Mulk

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The hygrometer is an instrument to measure (1) Relative density of liquids (2) Purity of milk (3) Relative humidity (4) Atmospheric pressure

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The 79th Constitutional Amendment Act is related to (1) Information Technology (2) Allowing foreign companies into capital markets (3) Reservation of 33% of seats for women in legislatures (4) Extension of reservation for SCs and STs in legislatures

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. Chand Bibi was the ruler of (1) Ahmadnagar (2) Bijapur (3) Khandesh (4) Aligarh

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hello sir pls tell me the interview for polytechnic lecturers in mathematics(i.e syllabus)

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The decision of the Supreme Court in the Menaka Gandhi Case was concerned with the (1) Right to travel abroad (2) Prevention of cruelty to animals (3) Protection of the environment (4) Rights of women

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Who was the Prime Minister of England when the Indian Independence Act was passed? (1) Attlee (2) Churchill (3) Macmillan (4) Lloyd George

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The followers of parsvanth are called …….. (a) Svetambaras (b) Digambaras (c) Sravikas (d) None

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Which dynasty performed more ‘Yagnas’: (a) The dynasty of Vakatakas (b) The dynasty of Vishnukundins (c) Both A & B (d) None

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. Rourkela steel plant of Orissa gets its iron ore from (1) Barsua (2) Noamundi (3) Gudur (4) None

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