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Krishnadeva Raya succeeded by:

(a) Rama Raya

(b) Achuta Raya

(c) Tirumala Raya

(d) Sada Siva Raya

Krishnadeva Raya succeeded by: (a) Rama Raya (b) Achuta Raya (c) Tirumala Raya (d) Sada ..

Answer / guest

( b ) Achuta Raya

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Where did Mahayana Buddhism originate (1) Indo-Gangetic Region (2) Andhra Region (3) North-Eastern Region (4) Malwa Region

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. Who was the greatest ruler of Kakatiyas ? (1) Gnapatideva (2) Prataparudra (3) Rudramadevi (4) Rudradeva

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. The price of a commodity in the open market is determined by its (1) Seller (2) Marginal utility (3) Cost of Production (4) Demand and Supply together

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The first meeting in the Vandemataram Movement was held by whom and where ? (a) Extremist at Guntur (b) Andhra students studying at Madras (c) Moderates at Machilipatnam (d) Andhra congressmen at Rajahmundry

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The Pentagon, which was attacked by the terrorists on 11 September, 2001 is in the State of (1) New Jersey (2) New York (3) Virginia (4) Michigan

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The founder of the Vijayanagara empire worked under: (a) Reddy kings (b) The Velamas (c) Prataparudra of Kakatiya dynasty (d) None

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Who was known as ‘Kavivatsala’ in Satavahanas: (a) Hala (b) Gautamiputra Yajnasri (c) Satakarni II (d) Krishna

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Who reversed the “blue water policy” ? (a) Col. Forde (b) Count de Laly (c) Albuquenqrue (d) Francisco de Almeide

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. Which of the following trees is not of softwood variety? (1) Fir (2) Mahogany (3) Pine (4) Spruce

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. The first Vice Chanceller of Andhra University (1) S. Radha Krishnan (2) K. Ramalinga Reddy (3) Bullaiah (4) Harisarvothama Rao

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Who is the Chairman of the U.N.O. Human Rights Commission? (1) A. Sharon (2) N.A. Hajjaji (3) Kiran Bedi (4) Robinson

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. The founder of Jainism was (1) Sidhartha (2) Mahavira (3) Shankaracharya (4) Ramanujacharya

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