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Who of the following sends fortnightly reports to the
President of India about the functioning of State Government?

(1) The Governor

(2) The Chief Minister

(3) The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly

(4) The Chief Secretary of the State

Who of the following sends fortnightly reports to the President of India about the functioning of S..

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( 1 ) The Governor

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. Temporary control of inflation can be effected by: (1) Increasing the prices (2) Increasing the taxes (3) Restraint on the growth of money supply (4) Reducing the prices

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Which of the following films procuded by Mira Nair won the Golden Lion in the Venice Film Festival recently? (1) Kamasutra (2) Salaam Bombay (3) The Mississipi Masala (4) Monsson Wedding

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Mangalagiri is a seat of: (a) Narasimha Swamy (b) Panakala Swamy (c) Siva (d) Kumara Swamy

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hi am prasad,jus entered into final year, i wan apear for d groups..can any 1 plz giv me some guidence??

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Kakatiyas originally belongs to : (a) Western Chalukyas of Kalyani (b) Eastern Chalukyas of Vengi (c) Satavahanas (d) None

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Which place does Andhra Pradesh occupy in India in respect of area? (a) 10th place (b) 5th place (c) 4th place (d) 3rd place

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. The highest savings is recorded by: (1) Household sector (2) Private sector (3) Banking sector (4) Public sector

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Gandhi under took the tour of the Andhra in the company of: (a) Rama Chandra Rao (b) Kodali Anjaneyulu (c) K. Venkatappaiah (d) T. Prakasham Pantulu

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In India, on a woman’s death, her personal property (Sridhana) passes on generally to her (1) Husband (2) Sons (3) Daughters (4) Daughters-in-law

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. First Indian Women who went to jail in freedom struggle at (1) Vijayawada (2) Hyderabad (3) Chirala-Perala (4) Gujarat

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The only rebellion that occurred in the third quarter of the 19th century was? (a) Savara tribal rebellion (b) Rampa rebellion (c) Rampa- Rekapalli rebellion (d) Karukonda Subba Reddis rebellion

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Who conquered Vengi by defeating the Pallavas? (a) Pulakesi II (b) Pulakesi I (c) Kubja Vishnu Vardhan (d) None

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