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. The aim of the Cripps missan to India was to

(1) Appease the Indian Public opinion

(2) Appease the American People

(3) Decentralize the Power in states

(4) None

. The aim of the Cripps missan to India was to (1) Appease the Indian Public opinion (2) Appea..

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( 1 ) Appease the Indian Public opinion

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when is group2 exam,how can i have better preparation either by selfstudy(if so where can i find respective material) or by joining coaching centre(if so which is the best coaching centre),thanku.

4 Answers   Group 2 II, Ram Infotech, RK Company, TATA,

. Nalanda University was center of learning when India was visited by (1) Fahien (2) Seleucas (3) Hieuntsang (4) None

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. What will be the Representative Fraction (R.F.) of the statement of scale 1 cm to 40 km? (1) 1,40,000,000 (2) 1.4,000,000 (3) 14,00,000 (4) 1,40,000

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. Which party was in power in U.K. when India became independent (1) Conservative (2) Labour (3) Liberal (4) None

1 Answers   Uflex,

Dear Sir/madam, iam sravani . i am graduate. i want to write test for D.A.O post. iam confused about that inform the notification date for D.A.O post

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Which of the following will fall at a faster speed in vacuum? (1) A piece of wood (2) A ball of iron (3) A football (4) None will fall

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What is ‘cheap’ money? (1) When money loses its value (2) Unearned money (3) When money loses its value because of inflation (4) When credit becomes easily available from banks

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The main cause for the Rekapalli rebellion was? (a) Restrictions levied on the Podu cultivation (b) Exploitiation of the money-lenders (c) Restrictions levied on drawing toddy (d) None

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Which of the following is used as a preservative in pickles? (1) Ethyl alcohol (2) Methyl alcohol (3) Acetic anhydride (4) Vinegar

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The Christian Association of Bellary published the first Telugu journal. What is its name? (1) Satyasodhak (2) Satyadoota (3) Satyanveshi (4) Satyavani

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Brihatkatha is written in (a) Sanskrit (b) Pali (c) Paisachi prakrit (d) Prakrit

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. Secularism envisages (1) No religion (2) Equal status for all religions (3) Particular religion for state (4) Hinduism

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