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. Who was the first freedom fighter of Andhra Pradesh

(1) Harisarvothama Rao

(2) Veeresalingam

(3) Narayana

(4) Venkatappaiah

. Who was the first freedom fighter of Andhra Pradesh (1) Harisarvothama Rao (2) Veeresalingam..

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( 2 ) Veeresalingam

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. Which one of the following is a sedimentary deposit? (1) Mica (2) Iron (3) Coal (4) Gold

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Which one of the following works was written to popularize Swadeshi Movement in Andhra? (a) Andhrula Charitra (b) Andhrula Pratapamu (c) Hindu Deshadaridramu (d) Andhrula Deshabhakti

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which book i am reffer the sub inspetor of police examination sir pls tell

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. A member of Parliament will lose his seat if he remains absent from all meetings without permission for a period of (1) 90 days (2) 100 days (3) 50 days (4) 60 days

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What are the Journals run by Veeresalingam : (a) Vivekaverdhini (b) Satihita bhodini (c) Hasya Vardhini (d) All the above

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When did the British land at Surat? (a) 1608 (b) 1650 (c) 1690 (d) 1720

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Which language flourished under the patronage of the Eastern Chalukyas? (a) Telugu (b) Prakrita (c) Both A & B (d) None

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. The greatest of the Mughal Emperor in India was (1) Aurangzeb (2) Shahjahan (3) Nadir Shah (4) Akbar

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. Name the state which have common border with Union Territory of Goa (1) Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Maharashtra (2) A.P., Karnataka & Kerala (3) Karnataka, Maharashtra & Union Territory of Dadra Nagar Haveli (4) Karnataka and Maharashtra

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. Gandhi under took the tour of the Andhra in the company of (1) Rama Chandra Rao (2) Kodali Anjaneyulu (3) K. Venkatappaiah (4) T. Prakasham Pantulu

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