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. Nagarjunakonda inscription makes us believe that India had
trade relations with

(1) Greek

(2) China

(3) Japan

(4) Italy

. Nagarjunakonda inscription makes us believe that India had trade relations with (1) Greek (..

Answer / guest

( 2 ) China

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. What is the term for combining small and scattered fields into a big unit? (1) Imposition of ceiling on land holdings (2) Demarcation of land (3) Acquisition of land (4) Consolidation of land holdings

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. The first president of the Indian National congress was (1) Dadabhai Naoroji (2) W.C. Benerjee (3) Gopal Krishna Gokhale (4) Feroze Shah Mehta

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Charaka and Susruta are the Ayurvedic books flourished in ….. period. (a) Satavahana (b) Gupta (c) Nanda (d) None

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The Reddi period witnessed a new type of drama and it is (a) Deshi type (b) Vidhi type (c) Yakshagana type (d) None

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Anybody has got any idea when GROUP 2 exams are sheduled in 2009 year. And when is Group 1 scheduled in 2009 year

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Kondapalli Toys are made of: (a) Burugu (b) Teak (c) Nallatumma (d) Tella ponuku

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Fundamental Duties of the Indian Citizen are included in (1) The Preamble (2) Part III of the Constitution (3) Part IV of the Constitution (4) Part IV-A of the Constitution

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Who was the founder of the capital city Pataliputra in Imperial Magadha? (1) Bimbisara (2) Ashoka (3) Ajatasatru (4) Samudra Gupta

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The Ramakrishna Mission is established by (a) Rama Krishna (b) Vivekananda (c) Annie Besant (d) None

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Rabies is caused by (1) The bite of a dog (2) The bite of a mosquito (3) Deficiency of vitamin B1 and B12 (4) Deficiency of calcium

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Hi, I am preparing for Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector (AMVI) exam.If any body having old question papers please send.My mail id is

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The Ranbir Sena is (1) A Naxalite faction (2) A private army of landlords (3) A group of Bhudan activists (4) An NGO

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