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. The founder of the Advaita system of philosophy was

(1) Ramanuja

(2) Madhava

(3) Sankaracharya

(4) Ramanand

. The founder of the Advaita system of philosophy was (1) Ramanuja (2) Madhava (3) Sankarac..

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( 3 ) Sankaracharya

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. “Kudremukh project” is in the state of (1) Maharashtra (2) M.P. (3) Karnataka (4) Tamilnadu

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i am swathi.i have cleared the written exam of amvi.i have only lmv licence and i dont have any experience.can antbody plz tell me that am i eligible for that.

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Who helped Harihara and Bukka in founding the new kingdom: (a) Sankaracharya (b) Srinadha (c) Narsimharaya (d) Vidyaranaya Swamy

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. Name the two most important constituents of the ecological systems? (1) Lithosphere and atmosphere (2) Plants and animals (3) Physical environment and various organisms living in it (4) None of these

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The main cause of the Ramparebellion was: (a) Misbehaviour of Police with the people (b) Imposing heavy taxes on depending toddy by the tribals (c) Inposition of unauthorised taxes by the Munasabdars (d) All the above

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The court poet of Prataparudradeva was (a) Vidyanatha (b) Marana (c) Pothana (d) Srinatha

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The Central Vigilance Commission was established in the year (1) 1964 (2) 1961 (3) 1965 (4) 1987

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. India gets about 90% of total rainfall from …… monsoon (1) North-East (2) South-West (3) Both 1 & 2 (4) None

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. Which of the following states has no Panchyat Raj institution at all? (1) Assam (2) Tripura (3) Kerala (4) Nagaland

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On May 20, 2000, the Government of India decided to convert seven cities into ‘ecocities’. Which of the following cities is not included in the list? (1) Hyderabad (2) Bangalore (3) Ahmedabad (4) Bhopal

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How many US Presidents have visited India so far? (1) Two (2) Three (3) Five (4) Four

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Fathepur Sikri was built by (a) Babar (b) Akbar (c) Shahjahan (d) Humayun

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