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. One of the important methods adopted by Lord Wellesley to
end French influence was

(1) That he brided Indian princes

(2) That he followed a policy of non-interference in the
affairs of Indian states

(3) That he further developed subsidiary system

(4) That he sent armies of the company to the Indian states
at his own will

. One of the important methods adopted by Lord Wellesley to end French influence was (1) That he..

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( 3 ) That he further developed subsidiary system

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The government general who established Sati was (a) Lord Curzan (b) Lord Hastings (c) Lord Wellesley (d) Lord Bentinick

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Cancer is caused by (1) Virus (2) Bacteria (3) Fungi (4) Algae

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. Kalidas wrote (1) Manu Charitra (2) Arthashastra (3) Malavikagnimitram (4) None of these

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. Which of the following is a tax not levied by the states in India? (1) Sales tax (2) Excise on liquor (3) Profession tax (4) Wealth tax

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The most largely used metallic filament in a 60 watt bulb is (1) Aluminium (2) Titanium (3) Tungsten (4) Nickel

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Who of the following leaders appealed to the Muslims in India to join the Indian National Congress? (1) Sir Saiyyid Ahmed Khan (2) Syed Ameer Ali (3) Sir Agha Khan (4) Badruddin Tayyabji

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. The first Englishman who set his foot in India was (1) Sir Thomas Roe (2) Edward Terry (3) Thomas stevens (4) William Hawkins

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. The Lok Sabha is dissolved by the (1) Prime Minister (2) Speaker (3) Home Minister (4) President

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Which state has the largest area under canal irrigation in terms of total acreage? (1) Uttar Pradesh (2) Haryana (3) Bengal (4) Punjab

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Which of the following countries does not have its borders with India? (1) Iran (2) Afghanistan (3) Myanmar (4) Sri Lanka

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Did Mauryans ruled the Andhras? (a) Yes (b) No (c) Valid sources are not available

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The CEAT International Cricketer of the Year Award, 2002 has been presented to (1) S. Tendulkar (2) M. Muralitharan (3) Andy Flower (4) S. Fleming

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