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. The Lok Sabha is dissolved by the

(1) Prime Minister

(2) Speaker

(3) Home Minister

(4) President

. The Lok Sabha is dissolved by the (1) Prime Minister (2) Speaker (3) Home Minister (4)..

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( 4 ) President

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The famous dvipada Kavya in the Telugu literature is (a) Ranganatha-ramayana (b) Basava-puranamu (c) Nirvachanottara Ramayana (d) Bhaskara – Ramayana

3 Answers  

The theosophical society was extended in India by (a) Lord Bentinck (b) Annie Besant (c) Lord Hastings (d) None

1 Answers  

Several judges associated with Nawaz Sharif’s trial in Pakistan resigned because (1) their lives were threatened (2) they were required to take an oath of allegiance to the military regime (3) the CRP was not being followed (4) the trial was not open to the public

1 Answers  

Which of the following countries is the largest importer from India? (1) USA (2) Candada (3) Russia (4) Germany

1 Answers  

i got 290 marks in polytechnic lecturers written test ,i belongs BC-A category in zone IV.shall i expect any others BC-A candidates marks

0 Answers  

Divan is a: (a) Chief officer of the State (b) The Prime Minister of the Nizam (c) A Chief officer of a City (d) B & C

1 Answers  

. Shakuntala was written by (1) Kalidas (2) Harisena (3) Amara Singh (4) None of these

2 Answers  

Which of the following types of soils have more moisture retaining capacity? (a) Red Soils (b) Alluvival Soils (c) Black Cotton Soils (d) Laterite Soils

1 Answers  

when is group2 prilemes exam date & where can i have best coaching for group2 in hyderabad.

2 Answers  

. At the time of arrival of Lord Wellesley as Governor General of India, Tipu Sultan was actively negotiating with (1) Nizam (2) French (3) East India company (4) Mughal Emperor

1 Answers  

. Birhors live in which of the following states? (1) Nagaland (2) Assam (3) Tamil Nadu (4) Madhya Pradesh

4 Answers   Assam Secretariat,

The Ramakrishna Mission is established by (a) Rama Krishna (b) Vivekananda (c) Annie Besant (d) None

2 Answers