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Who among the following visited India first?

(1) Hieun Tsana

(2) Alberuni

(3) Itsing

(4) Megasthnese

Who among the following visited India first? (1) Hieun Tsana (2) Alberuni (3) Itsing (4)..

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( 4 ) Megasthnese

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Which of the following is the best strategy for environment-friendly and sustainable development of Indian agriculture? (1) Expansion of cultivable land, increased use of chemical fertilizers and effective biocides (2) Expansion of area under high yielding varieties of crops, irrigation and increased use of inorganic fertilizers (3) Mixed cropping with nitrogen fixing plants, organic manures and pest-resistant crop varieties (4) Improved mechanization, use of potent insecticides to minimize post-harvest grain losses and monoculture cropping practices

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. Which one of the following is a legal money (1) Gold (2) Cheque (3) Promissory note (4) Currency notes and coins

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hi this is divya....plz sum1 clarify on the pay scale for clerical jobs in sbi....will it be a monthly increment or yearly....SCALE OF PAY: 4410-215/3-5055-335/3-6060-470/4- 7940-500/3- 9440-560/4-11680-970/ 1-12650-560/1- 13210/// ....plz confirm....n plz also tel me that wot r the growth prospects frm clerical level...will i be able to grow to a officers level from here or in sum other bank...

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. The land use in an area changes with the time because of change in the (1) Fertility of land (2) Quality of land (3) Utility of land (4) Price of land

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. Our Constitution has been divided into (1) 10 parts (2) 40 parts (3) 24 parts (4) 32 parts

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Which one of the following is not a feature of a developing economy? (1) High rate of unemployment (2) High rate of population growth (3) High rate of capital formation (4) Widespread poverty

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. The first president of the Indian National congress was (1) Dadabhai Naoroji (2) W.C. Benerjee (3) Gopal Krishna Gokhale (4) Feroze Shah Mehta

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Akbar’s revenue system was called (a) Bando-bast (b) Ryotwari (c) Pattas (d) None

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. The constitution of India was amended for the first time in (1) January 1951 (2) June 1951 (3) June 1952 (4) July 1952

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. Which of the following states was the first to establish the new Panchayati Raj Institutions ? (1) Rajasthan (2) Maharastra (3) Bihar (4) A.P.

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. Socialistic pattern comes through : (1) Free Economy (2) Public Sector (3) Mixed Economy (4) None of these

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hi whats the exact time of group1 exam ?

0 Answers   APPSC,