Hi All,
This is Suri.
I am one of Govt Job Aspirant.
I am going to write DAO(divisional accounts officer), can u
plz provide me the material(suggest me some links) and Exam

Thanks in advance,

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Hi All, This is Suri. I am one of Govt Job Aspirant. I am going to write DAO(divisional accounts ..

Answer / atluri sathyam

if you want to DAO post you can start the reading from
6-10th Mathes for paper 2, paper 3 and from 6-10 science,
6-degree social studies for general studies all the best.
sample planning
4.00 - 8.00 AM - General Studies.
8.00 - 10.00AM - news papers and tiffin etc.
3.00 - 8.00PM - 6-10th mathes
9.00 - 11.00 PM - just revise from 4.00 am to 11.00 pm
i am sure you will get this job
kindly write Suri, DAO in big letters in your bed room
all the best

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Hi All, This is Suri. I am one of Govt Job Aspirant. I am going to write DAO(divisional accounts ..

Answer / sunanda

hi suri,this is the complete syllabus for DAO exam.
regarding the date of exam still its not revealed.anyway
prepare well for exam.All the best .
1.General Science – Contemporary developments in Science
and Technology and their implications including matters of
every day observation and experience, as may be expected of
a well-educated person who has not made a special study of
any scientific discipline.
2. Current events of national and international importance.
3. History of India – emphasis will be on broad general
understanding of the subject in its social, economic,
cultural and political aspects with a focus on AP Indian
National Movement.
4. World Geography and Geography of India with a focus on
Indian polity and Economy – including the country’s
political system- rural development – Planning and economic
reforms in India.Mental ability – reasoning and inferences.

1. Number systems – Rational and irrational numbers-decimal
representations-real numbers-modulus of a real number –
inequalities involving modulus- Primes and composite
numbers – least common multiple and greatest common divisor-
surds and logarithms.
2. Ratio and proportion-Averages-percentages-profit and
loss-Discounts-Simple and compound interests-Partnerships-
Time and distance – Time and work-clocks and calendar.
3. Polynomials-special products-factorization-Remainder
theorem Quadratic equations- Algebraic expressions-Binomial
theorem for positive integral index.
4. Sets-fundamental operations on sets-Relations and
functions-Types of functions- Matrices (utmost of type
3X3) – Matrix addition and multiplication – system of
linear Equations.
5. Statistics – Frequency table - Mean, Median and mode-
rank correlation-Mean deviation-standard deviation and

(S.S.C Standard)

1. Areas of squares, rectangles, triangles quadrilaterals,
parallelogram and trapezium.
2. Geometry of triangles and polygons-identical triangles
similarity of triangles-Pythagoras theorem and applications.
3. Surface area and volumes of solids such as Sphere,
Cylinder, Cone and Prism.
4. Geometry of Circles-Common tangents to two Circles and
their properties-Chords and sectors of circle.
5. Coordinates in two-dimension plane-Distance formula-area
of triangle-Equation of straight line in different forms-
Applications -Trigonometric ratios and their values
forspecial angles-simple trigonometric identities

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Hi All, This is Suri. I am one of Govt Job Aspirant. I am going to write DAO(divisional accounts ..

Answer / suri

Thanku very much Sathyam,

I am sure i will write my name as Suri, DAO in my bed room.

can i have ur mail id?


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