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Silicon Interview Questions
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What is the difference between Dataset and Recordset?

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how to find the kth smallest element in the given list of array elemnts.

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The IC chips used in computers are made of (A) Chromium (B) Silicon (C) Silica (D) Iron oxide

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List out controls which does not have events?

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IC chips for computers are usually made of (1) Leaf (2) Chromium (3) Silicon (4) Gold

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Which of the following is used in pencils? 1 Charcoal 2 Silicon 3 Phosphorus 4 Graphite

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which are the institutes in mumbai for CCNA training & how much is the cost of teaching and the exam fees?


In scott connection why connect teaser transformer to 86.6% and main transformer to 50%..

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What are the mandatory setups in setting up a PO in oracle

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