Which are the different network toplogies ?

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Answer / samuel, banyan soft, bangalore

Network Topologies

Star , Bus, ring , tree

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Answer / arunkumar

topology is defined as a arrangement of a computer in a
network.topology are classified into 5 types.

1.mesh topplogy
2.star topology
3.tree topology
4.bus topology
5.ring topology

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Answer / sameer_swnt

Mesh Topology,Star Topology,Bus Topology,Ring Topology,Tree
Topology,hybrid Topology

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Answer / arunji(sacred heart college)

topology is the structure(arrangement) of a link in a
based on the link topology are divided into 5 types.
1.bus topology
2.star topology
3.mesh topology
4.tree topology
5.ring topology

Thank U

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Answer / test

System arrangement technique called Topology.
Hybrid topology is the different network topology
its use for connecting two different topology

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Answer / priyanka sharma

star topology
ring topology

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Answer / priya

Bus topology
Star topology
ring topology
tree topologe
hybrid topology
mesh topology
single node topology

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Answer / sunil waghmare

Bus Topology
Star Topology
Ring Topology
Token Ring Topology
Hybrid Topology (Like Star Bus)
Mesh Topology

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