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What is serialization in .NET? What are the ways to control

What is serialization in .NET? What are the ways to control serialization?..

Answer / guest

Serialization can be defined as the process of storing the
state of an object to a storage medium. During this
process, the public and private fields of the object and
the name of the class, including the assembly containing
the class, are converted to a stream of bytes, which is
then written to a data stream. When the object is
subsequently deserialized, an exact clone of the original
object is created. o Binary serialization preserves type
fidelity, which is useful for preserving the state of an
object between different invocations of an application. For
example, you can share an object between different
applications by serializing it to the clipboard. You can
serialize an object to a stream, disk, memory, over the
network, and so forth. Remoting uses serialization to pass
objects ?by value? from one computer or application domain
to another. o XML serialization serializes only public
properties and fields and does not preserve type fidelity.
This is useful when you want to provide or consume data
without restricting the application that uses the data.
Because XML is an open standard, it is an attractive choice
for sharing data across the Web. SOAP is an open standard,
which makes it an attractive choice

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