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Define about Micro Economics & Macro Economics ?

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Define about Micro Economics & Macro Economics ?..

Answer / chhanda charan

Micro economics is that branch of economic analysis which
studies the behaviour of a particular unit may be a
particular firm, individual.
Where as Macroeconomics is that branch of economic
analysis which studies the behaviour of the units in
aggregate, like national out put, employment or the entire

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Define about Micro Economics & Macro Economics ?..

Answer / abulhasan


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Define about Micro Economics & Macro Economics ?..

Answer / udaykumar painter

Micro economics is study of dealing the internal issues of the organization. Are like Human resources, vendors, internal affairs, operations and brand loyalty

Macro economics is a study of dealing with external issues which effects the organization functioning. Are like Social, Technological, economic, political, International and National

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