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what is memory leak?

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what is memory leak? ..

Answer / roshan.p.r.

Consider the following example..

int *p=new int[10];

here ten bytes of memory is allocated and the address is
stored in p. the only way to access this memory is via p.

now suppose if u allocate a new memory to p like

p=new int[20];

the previous address(10 bytes is lost we cant access it
again)because the only way that we had to access it was
pointer p and now a new address(20 bytes) is stored in p.

So we say there is a memory leak.

the best way to handle this is.

int *p=new int[10];
[]delete p;
p=new int[20];

so in the above case we have first released the memory
pointed by p with delete function and then a new address is
assigned to it.

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what is memory leak? ..

Answer / sujith

Memory leak is nothing but u create huge chunk of memory
with a malloc or any such mechanism and u never free that
manually which make the available free main memory in the
system to minimum. this may even lead to system crashing.

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what is memory leak? ..

Answer / tayyab

When two object create a reference to each other. memory
allocated to these objects can not be reclaimed by
operating system even after when all other references are
deleted for these objects.....this concept is called memory

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