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what is memory leak?

Answer Posted / roshan.p.r.

Consider the following example..

int *p=new int[10];

here ten bytes of memory is allocated and the address is
stored in p. the only way to access this memory is via p.

now suppose if u allocate a new memory to p like

p=new int[20];

the previous address(10 bytes is lost we cant access it
again)because the only way that we had to access it was
pointer p and now a new address(20 bytes) is stored in p.

So we say there is a memory leak.

the best way to handle this is.

int *p=new int[10];
[]delete p;
p=new int[20];

so in the above case we have first released the memory
pointed by p with delete function and then a new address is
assigned to it.

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