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tell me abot your self

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tell me abot your self..

Answer / meena chidambaram

I am meena.Its time for me to complete the course of
bachelor of engineering in the department of electronics
and objective is to express my talents in
an efficient manner which match with the expectation of the
esteemed concern like yours.I am a challenging person to
expose my thoughts imposing my creative skills.I can able
to grab new ideas and open to learn more. As my profile
match with your concern,I expect positive words from
U.Thank you sir.Have a Thoughtfull thursday.

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tell me abot your self..

Answer / deepak reliance inf..

You walk into the interview room, shake hands with your
interviewer and sit down with your best interviewing smile
on. Guess what their first question is? "Tell me about

Do you "wing it" and actually tell all manner of things
about yourself? Will you spend the next 5 minutes rambling
on about what an easy-going, loyal, dedicated, hard working
employee you've been? If this is the case, you stand a good
chance of having bored your interviewer to death thus
creating a negative first impression.

Because it's such a common interview question, it's strange
that more candidates don't spend the time to prepare for
exactly how to answer it. Perhaps because the question seems
so disarming and informal, we drop our guard and shift into
ramble mode. Resist all temptation to do so.

Your interviewer is not looking for a 10-minute dissertation
here. Instead, offer a razor sharp sentence or two that sets
the stage for further discussion and sets you apart from
your competitors.

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Give them "your synopsis about you" answer, specifically
your Unique Selling Proposition. Known as a personal
branding or a value-added statement, the USP is a succinct,
one-sentence description of who you are, your biggest
strength and the major benefit that a company will derive
from this strength. Here is an example of a Unique Selling
Proposition: "I'm a seasoned Retail Manager strong in
developing training programs and loss prevention techniques
that have resulted in revenue savings of over $2.3Million
for (employer's name) during the past 11 years."

What a difference you've made with this statement. Your
interviewer is now sitting forward in her chair giving you
her full attention. At this point, you might add the
following sentence: "I'd like to discuss how I might be able
to do something like that for you." The ball is now back in
her court and you have the beginnings of a real discussion
and not an interrogation process.

Be Specific

The key is that you must lead with your strongest benefit to
the employer. Be specific and don't wander about with some
laundry list of skills or talents. Be sure to put a monetary
value on your work if at all possible and be ready with
details when you're called upon. Give an estimated value to
the $$ you've either helped to make or save for your employer.

Be Prepared

When you walk into an interview, remember to always expect
the "tell me about yourself" question. Prepare ahead of time
by developing your own personal branding statement that
clearly tells who you are, your major strength and the clear
benefit that your employer received. The advantages of this
approach are that you'll quickly gain their attention and
interest them in knowing more. You'll separate yourself from
your competitors. You'll also have a higher chance of being
positively remembered and hired.

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tell me abot your self..

Answer / zaheer

You have to strat with your current working experience,
and what are the various modules which u have work and
explain clearly about your current project and as well as
your profile and role.
Besides it u have a say regarding ur education.

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tell me abot your self..

Answer / naga

i am happy introduce myself as na. i did my graduation in
bhc. my postgraduation is mca in this year and i am
fresher. my undergraduation is bsc physics on 2005. my
schooling from bishop heber hr sec school. i have completed
Higher english and tamil typewriting. during my
postgraduation, i have participated in many intercollegiate
competitions. i have won many individual titles in various
activites like quiz, ad-zaps and be part of the Team
Championship. As a Team we have brought many laurels to our
College. My hobbies are listening Music and watching sports
channel. My strengths are sincere, hardworking and be

I came to know this Technical Support job opening in
sutherland through my friend. I have attended my interview
and got placed in 10 days training programme.

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tell me abot your self..

Answer / gayathri narayanan

i am glad to introduce about myself . i am gayathri . iam
19 yrs old and i am going to complete my graduation degree
in bachelor of computer science.i finished my schooling
in ...... . My family consists of 5 members -my father
doing is business and mother- a homemaker and two brother
doing their post graduation. My hobbies are tolisten music
and read english novels . my strengths r ...i am flexible ,
hardworking and eager to learn new things. My weakness is i
am a bit expressive by nature.

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tell me abot your self..

Answer / deepan

better take 2 and half min.Greeting to interviewer, my name
is Deepan chakkaravarthy.c, i did BE CSE in (college name n
year of passing).i have 3 yrs exp in non voice process, tell
ur process wt u invoiving in ur past company.(tell ur past
exp take up to 1 min).tell ur family.(take 45 seconds.).
finally tell ur hobbies with ur smile.don't tell ur
strungth. give chance to ask dis question to ur interviewr.

after tat im sure interviewer ask u for one question wts ur
u must answer ur positive is ur negative also.

im hardworker, easy to adopt to corporate culture( add some
points wt u want)
negative.Answer: some times i push people to work to
completion of work done.every one not haveing same wave length.

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tell me abot your self..

Answer / karthik

Well I'm ........I am from ..........I did my Schooling
in .........I hold my Bachelor's degree of ..........passed
out in the year .....I took this course as it is a
proffesional course and in an aim to ...............i'm
currently working for ...............I took
this field as i hav an interest in this type of work which
comprises of .....................Abt my family dad a ..........and my MOM a .........And i have
brother/sister..........I have a passion towards dance.

THIS is wat i gave in HCL.and now i'm selected

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tell me abot your self..

Answer / shaji

well....hi My name is shaji.P .
I Reside AT XYZ.
Im 21.
About My Education Qualification Im Pursuing Diploma In
About my Work EXP ,I've Wrk'd WId XYZ Company...FOr the Period
And About My Family Tree...I've Got Mom,Dad, Elder
Bro....They R Working Wid So and So Company....Betta
Describe it.............
My Hobbies R Listenin Music ,Playing Lan Games,.......
SO Guy'z How Was it.....Do Lemme Knw.....REm No 1 is a Perfct..

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tell me abot your self..

Answer / shashikanth

well myself shashikanth, my native place is hyderabad, about
my qualification i completed my graduation in rrd degree
colg frm osmania university in 2011 and i completed frm govt
high school, cumg to my technical skills i can operate ms
office, about my family, my family consist of 4 members
including me and my father is working as a tailor and mother
is a homemaker and my brother is working as a home loan
executive in city bank. thank q

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tell me abot your self..

Answer / sannababut

My name is sannababu , I came form hyderabad,

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