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The founder of modern Telugu was

(a) Arudra

(b) Sri Sri

(c) Gurajada Appa Rao

(d) Veeresalingam

The founder of modern Telugu was (a) Arudra (b) Sri Sri (c) Gurajada Appa Rao (d) Veeres..

Answer / guest

( d ) Veeresalingam

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. The ruins of the capital of the Vijayanagar Kingdom have been found at (1) Amaravathi (2) Chittoor (3) Hampti (4) Halebid

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The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute is located at (1) Chennai (2) Goa (3) Cochin (4) Kolkata

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Who came to India after the Portuguese? (a) The Dutch (b) The British (c) The French (d) None

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Who of the following is the Director of Bill and Melinda Gates Children’s Vaccine Programme which started children’s immunization programme in Hyderabad on 9th November, 2001? (1) Dr. Mark Kayne (2) Mr. Bill Gates (3) Mrs. Melinda Gates (4) Mr. James Cheyne

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Which countries are separated by the McMahon Line? (1) India and Pakistan (2) China and Tibet (3) India and china (4) India and Bangladesh

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Dravidians are represented by: (a) The Andhras (b) The Tamilians (c) The Kanadians and the Malayalis (d) All the above

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. Which state is the largest producer of Manganese in India? (1) Orissa (2) Assam (3) Rajasthan (4) Tamilnadu

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. Broadly, there are three years of the earth the crust, the mantle and the core. The crust forms what percentage of the volume of the earth? (1) 0.5% (2) 2.5% (3) 7.5% (4) 12.5%

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The raw material not found in nature is (1) Water (2) Petrol (3) Vinyl chloride (4) Carbon dioxide

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. What type of winds are the monsoons? (1) Periodic (2) Cyclonic (3) Constant (4) Anti-cyclonic

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Which was the first dynasty that ruled Vijayanagara empire? (a) Suluva dynasty (b) Tuluva dynasty (c) Aravidu dynasty (d) Sangama dynasty

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In India, when an advice is tendered by the Council of Ministers to the President. (1) The President is bound by such advice (2) The President may ignore such advice (3) The President may require the Council of Ministers to reconsider such advice (4) The President can act at his own discretion

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