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Which place does Andhra Pradesh occupy in India in respect
of area?

(a) 10th place

(b) 5th place

(c) 4th place

(d) 3rd place

Which place does Andhra Pradesh occupy in India in respect of area? (a) 10th place (b) 5th pl..

Answer / guest

( b ) 5th place

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. Satavahana dynasty was founded by (1) Hala (2) Satakarni (3) Yagnasri (4) Srimukha

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. The most important among the eight giants in Krishnadeva Raya’s court was (1) Nandi Timmana (2) Tenali Ramakrishna (3) Dhoorjati (4) Allasani Peddana

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The percentage of India’s population to World population is about (1) 6% (2) 16% (3) 26% (4) 36%

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Who appoints the Chief Minister of a State? (1) The Governor (2) The Speaker (3) The President of India (4) The Governor in consultation with the Speaker

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Famous king among the Brihatpalayanas was: (a) Madhava Varma (b) Deva Verma (c) Jaya varma (Devotee of Siva) (d) None

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. The last ruler of the Nanda dynasty from whom Chandra Gupta Maurya took over the throne was (1) Mahapadma Nand (2) Dhana Nand (3) Dhruwa Nand (4) Naga Nand

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. The stock of commodities held by the nationals of a country at a point of time is the: (1) National wealth (2) National resources (3) National income (4) Per-capita income

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. The Lok Sabha has a life of (1) 5 years (2) 6 years (3) 7 years (4) 8 years

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. Teak generally grows in (1) Coniferous forest (2) Tidal forest (3) Deciduous forest (4) Tropical evergreen forest

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in which type of rock are coal and petroleum found

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. Which of the Europeans were the first to establish trading settlements in India? (1) French (2) Spanish (3) English (4) Portuguese

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Chalukyas of Vengi waged wars with: (a) The Cholas and the Pallavas (b) The Rashtrakutas (c) The Nolambas and the Gangas (d) All the three

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