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. President can be removed from office even before the
expiry of the term

(1) By the political party in power

(2) By the Prime Minister

(3) Through impeachment

(4) Through trial by the Court

. President can be removed from office even before the expiry of the term (1) By the political p..

Answer / guest

( 3 ) Through impeachment

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Which of the following is the title of Rajendra Chola? (1) Gangaikonda (2) Singhalantaka (3) Telinga Kula Kala (4) Kadarangonda

2 Answers  

In the first battle of Allauddin Khilji was defeated by: (a) Prataparudra (b) Rudramba (c) Ganapathideva (d) Rudradeva

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. Most of the leather goods industries are located at (1) Kanpur, Calcutta and Madras (2) Agra (3) Hyderabad (4) Both 1 & 2

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Source of the Brihatpalayana’s history was: (a) 13th rock edict of Ashoka (b) Copper plate found at Kondamudi (near Tenali) (c) Both A and B (d) None

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i am swathi i have cleared the amvi written exam and i have recently got the LMV licence and i dont have experience IN LMV but i have 3 yrs experience in two i eligible for this post.can anybody plz inform me as early as possible bcoz i have certificates verification on 27 of dis month

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. The first to bring Islam into India were the (1) Turks (2) Arabs (3) Khaljis (4) Slave Rulers

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. Mount Abu is famous for (1) Bilwara Jain Temple (2) Viswanat Temple (3) Surya Temple (4) None

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Charminar was built during the period of: (a) Quli Qutb Mulk (b) Abdul Hasana (c) Abdulla Qutb Shah (d) Md. Quli Qutb Shah

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. Which one of the following is a developing country? (1) Brazil (2) Britain (3) Japan (4) U.S.A.

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Who was the first C.M. of Hyderabad State ? (a) N. Sanjiva Reddy (b) B. Rama Krishna Rao (c) Sanjeevayya (d) T. Prakasam

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Who of the following translated Dasarathi Satakam into English recently? (1) Dr. Balamurlikrishna (2) Dr. S.P. Balasubramaniam (3) Dr. M.S. Rajaji (4) Dr. Bhanumati Ramakrishna

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Who was the Commander-in-Chief of the Nizam’s Hyderabad State during the Police Action? (1) Sydney Cotton (2) Maj. Gen. T.N. Choudhary (3) El Edroos (4) Walter Monckton

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