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How to create lov dynamically in oracle forms which is data comes from database procedure of out parameter, data will will out parameter of procedure base

How to create lov dynamically in oracle forms which is data comes from database procedure of out par..

Answer / santosh kumar

not running

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hiding item in report how like that properly,thats manually but at runtime i want to do

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how to create parameterised form in oracle 10g? and create another form from the value of the form? AND how to assign value to a parameter? sincerly your mamun

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What is the "LOV of Validation" Property of an item? What is the use of it?

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How i call Reports from Forms10g.

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what is the difference between oracle reports 6i and oracle reports 10g? give atleast 10 differences? (plz give the answer vvvvvvvvvvv.urgent)

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What is a library?

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What are the different types of Package Procedure ?

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Can you convert a bit-mapped report to ASCII (character-mode) Report ? How ?

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