What is java and c++?

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Is java based off c++?

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why c++ is not called strictly d super set of c?

3 Answers   Satyam,

Mention the ways in which parameterized can be invoked. Give an example of each.

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Can a Structure contain a Pointer to itself?

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When does a name clash occur?

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What are the steps in the development cycle?

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What does 7/9*9 equal ? a) 1 b) 0.08642 c) 0

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how many trys can we write in one class

3 Answers   Cap Gemini,

Write a program that takes a 5 digit number and calculates 2 power that number and prints it.

0 Answers   CTS,

Should I learn c or c++ first?

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What are the advantages of early binding?

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What are the advantages of pointers?

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