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What is a c++ map?

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What is a dangling pointer in c++?

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Explain what data encapsulation is in c++?

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What is wrapper class in c++?

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What is friend class in c++ with example?

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What do you mean by persistent and non persistent objects?

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What are separators in c++?

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How do I start a c++ project?

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How long will it take to learn programming?

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What is a syntax in c++?

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How many types of comments are there in c++?

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Which one of the following describes characteristics of "protected" inheritance? a) The base class has access only to the public or protected members of the derived class. b) The derived class has non-public, inheritable, access to all but the private members of the base class. c) The derived class has access to all members of the base class. d) The private members of the base class are visible within the derived class. e) Public members of the derived class are privately accessible from the base class.

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Write a program and call it sortcheck.cpp which receives 10 numbers from input and checks whether these numbers are in ascending order or not. You are not allowed to use arrays. You should not define more than three variables

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