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Mangalagiri is a seat of:

(a) Narasimha Swamy

(b) Panakala Swamy

(c) Siva

(d) Kumara Swamy

Mangalagiri is a seat of: (a) Narasimha Swamy (b) Panakala Swamy (c) Siva (d) Kumara Swa..

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( b ) Panakala Swamy

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. The heavier silicates named as ‘Sima’ or ‘Silica’ + Magnesium are most abundant in the (1) Crust (2) Core (3) Mantle (4) Ocean floors

4 Answers  

The disease that is caused by virus infection is (1) Typhoid (2) Cholera (3) Common cold (4) Tetanus

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Stainless steel is an alloy of (1) Iron and Nickel (2) Iron, Chromium and Nickel (3) Iron, Chromium and Zinc (4) Iron and Manganese

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Which of the following is used in cancer therapy? (1) Cobalt 60 (2) Iodine127 (3) Phosphorus 31 (4) Magnesium 12

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Under whom regime Britishers land at Surat? (a) Tanashah (b) Akbr (c) Jahagir (d) Qutb Shah

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. One of the main cause of defeat of Marathas against Abdali was (1) Maratha’s supply lines out (2) Abdali had superior armed forces (3) Abdali was better commander (4) Marathas were short of finances

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Who of the following is the Director of Bill and Melinda Gates Children’s Vaccine Programme which started children’s immunization programme in Hyderabad on 9th November, 2001? (1) Dr. Mark Kayne (2) Mr. Bill Gates (3) Mrs. Melinda Gates (4) Mr. James Cheyne

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. Which of the following climatic characteristic is related to tropical deserts (1) Low pressure throughout the year (2) Most of the rain comes in winter (3) Very high daily range of temperature (4) Very low daily range of temperature

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. Mohenjodaro is situated in (1) West Bengal (2) Sind (3) Gujrat (4) Orissa (5) None of these

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1 Answers  

. The Turkish rule in India began after (1) Defeat of the Chauhan Ruler, Prithviraj Chauhan (2) Muhammad of Ghazni’s first attack (3) Muhammad Ghori’s attack (4) All the above

1 Answers  

Bairam Khan was Akbar’s General who defeated Hemu. In which of the following wars was Hemu defeated at the hands of Bairam Khan? (1) First Panipat War (2) Second Panipat War (3) The war of Buxar (4) The war of Chittorgarh

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