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Is int a class in java?

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What exactly is a .class file?

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What is the difference between method overriding and overloading?

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Is {a, n, d} a palindrome? If you are given a random string, is it a palindrome or not?

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what are the high-level thread states? : Java thread

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did interface can implementation method ? i know its not possible but my interviewer said its possible ..but how..? any one have idea ???

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Does A Class Inherit The Constructors Of Its Superclass?

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What happens if we override private method?

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What is flag in java?

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What is a short in java?

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Can set contain duplicates?

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suppose in a class there is a code like this: { Set hs=new Hashset(); hs.add(new Emp("kathy",1000)); hs.add(new Emp("kathy",2000)); } how can u avoid the above code in your class as set won't allow duplicate objects?

3 Answers  

What will happen if non-synchronized method calls a static synchronized method and what kind of lock it acquires?

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