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How variables are declared in c?

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write a program that finds the factorial of a number using recursion?

13 Answers   Infosys, TATA,

What is the difference between null pointer and wild pointer?

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Explain how can I avoid the abort, retry, fail messages?

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which of the following is allowed in a "C" arithematic instruction a) [] b) {} c) () d) none of the above

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Describe wild pointers in c?

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Who developed c language?

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What is alloca() and why is its use discouraged?

1 Answers  

a=10;b= 5;c=3;d=3; if(a printf(%d %d %d %d a,b,c,d) else printf("%d %d %d %d a,b,c,d);

0 Answers   Wilco,

Explain how can you avoid including a header more than once?

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How can I check whether a file exists? I want to warn the user if a requested input file is missing.

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what is the difference between <stdio.h> and "stdio.h"

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What are the types of macro formats?

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