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Tell me the Test cases for the Fan?

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Tell me the Test cases for the Fan?..

Answer / padma

1. check the company name should be there there.
2.check whether off button is working or not.
3.check whether the fan runs accoring the numbers like i,
ii, iii ..
4. check the fan should have three wings.
5. check the fan should rotate clockwise direction.
6. check the company should give warranty card to the fan.
7. check the security of the fan, whether if we on the
switch the fan should not fall down.
8. check the fan should not make sound.

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Tell me the Test cases for the Fan?..

Answer / divya nandana.b

i)To test for the presence of switch of
buttons : "ON", "OFF", "LOW", "meduim", "high "

ii)To test for the presence of 3 wings

iii)To test the presence of colour

iv)To test the presence of metal of which fan is made

v)to test the fan should rotate

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Tell me the Test cases for the Fan?..

Answer / vignesh

Check for the following conditions,
1. Fan has three wings?
2. Fan speed changes as per the regulator setting
3. Fan rotates/stops when switched on/off(switch board)
4. Fam rotates/stops by switching on/off the regulator
5. Check the minimum and maximum speed of the fan

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Tell me the Test cases for the Fan?..

Answer / srikanth mallela

check the following conditions
1.Fan is placed at required position or not.
2.Input to Fan is supply of power.Is Power Available Or Not?
3.Give power Supply to Fan.
4.Air With Speed is Coming out at the front/bottom side of Fan Or Not?
5.Check the condensor status 5.Working Ok. working condition ok OR Not?
6.Replace Condensor and check Test Case Pass
working condition ok OR Not?

Test Case Pass

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