Info for guidewire documents and interview questions

Info for guidewire documents and interview questions..

Answer / skonugan

I need Guidewire documents and interview questions

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how to swap all the values without using temporary variable. tha values r a = 20, x=60 and p=2.

5 Answers   iGate, DST Global Solutions,

Write a shell program where you enter a number which corresponds to K.M. Find out the corresponding values in m, cm, inches, and feet. Hints:- 1 k.m= 1000 m 1 m= 100 cm 1 inches= 2.54 cm. 1 feet= 12 inches

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What do you mean by text editor?

1 Answers   Infosys,

Hi Friends , i am very new in VB 6.0 Any body can able to help me ? i need interview question and answer vb 6.0 . please send

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WHat is execution in manual testing and when will we start execution and what language we use in execution

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along with oracle which language will be beneficial to have knowledge with,java,.net,since i m doing oracle have appeared for 8th sem BEIT,plz suggest

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I m new to the dbms. Recently i came across words clustered indexes & nonclustered indexes but i dont know what is this all about & whats the difference between them.. So please help me!!!!!!!!

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Is the IT field raise again? What is the position of IT after 4 years?

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Is there any standard procedure to test the application as a whole? Or How can I test complete application right from the requirement gathering?

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I am looking for selenium RC online Training in chennai. can any one tell me the best institute

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When will you use shell script/Perl ahead of C/C++?

0 Answers   Yahoo,

two MIT math grads bump into each other at Fairway on the upper west side. they haven't seen each other in over 20 years. the first grad says to the second: "how have you been?" second: "great! i got married and i have three daughters now" first: "really? how old are they?" second: "well, the product of their ages is 72, and the sum of their ages is the same as the number on that building over there.." first: "right, ok.. oh wait.. hmm, i still don't know" second: "oh sorry, the oldest one just started to play the piano" first: "wonderful! my oldest is the same age!" problem: how old are the daughters?

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