What does escaping a character mean?

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What is the need to implement Serializable interface (with no methods) for objects which are to be serialized ? We can write our own functionality which writes objects to streams then why we need to implement and tell JVM that which objects can be serialized.

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What is java argument list?

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What is singleton class?

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what is mean by ooad? where we are using? can you tell me any real time example?

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How many bytes is a url?

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what is Dictionary? and what purpose it is used for?

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Does list allow duplicates in java?

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What languages are pass by reference?

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write a code, we have two thread, one is printing even no and other print the odd no.

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Can we call the Thread.sleep in Synchyronozed block?

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What are java packages?

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What is empty string literal in java?

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